Whats In The Bowl Pet Shop is a Nature's Logic Dealer

Do you want to feed your pet a more natural kibble diet? 

Nature’s Logic is the only kibble company that uses whole food ingredients in their products. This means they are not using any synthetic supplements or added vitamins, which are widely used in the pet food industry to meet the nutritional analytical levels of dog and cat foods.

 If you have been looking for a way to provide your pets with a more natural diet without sacrificing convenience, look no further than Nature’s Logic! We offer an extensive line of raw frozen diets for dogs and cats as well as treats and snacks. Our goal is to help improve your pet's health by providing them with nutrient-dense meals that will keep them healthy throughout their lives. All our products are made from 100% human grade ingredients sourced right here in America! No matter what kind of lifestyle you live, we have something for everyone! From single ingredient diets like beef or chicken all the way up to complete meal options like rabbit & sweet potato stew or turkey & green bean casserole – there really is something for every taste bud at Nature’s Logic! And don't forget about our treats - everything from bacon jerky sticks (for dogs) to apple wood smoked bones (for both dogs and cats). We even carry grain free options so those with allergies can still enjoy tasty treats too! With over 20 years experience working directly with veterinarians across North America, we understand how important

Have you ever wondered what the best kibble food for your dog is?

Nature’s Logic believes that dogs are carnivores and should be fed a diet of meat. They believe in feeding a whole, minimally processed, biologically appropriate raw diet. This means no grains or vegetables! Dogs thrive on this type of diet because it closely mimics their ancestral diets. It also contains all the nutrients they need to live a healthy life.

You can feel confident knowing that every bag of Natures Logic has been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure nutritional adequacy and safety for your pet. Their goal is to provide superior nutrition at an affordable price so you can feed your pets with confidence!

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